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Flexis™ ™ DisplayMaker Wall Merchandising System

Flexis ™ DisplayMaker Wall Merchandising System

NIGEL® 11/16" LED Showcase Reflector

NIGEL® 11/16" LED Showcase Reflector


Flexis™ DisplayMaker is the new wall merchandising system from Stylmark.  At the core of Flexis is a low voltage powered standard system which enables users to flexibly create a variety of merchandising solutions. This can be achieved by adding Stylmark lit shelves, lit mirrors, light boxes, showcases, monitors, or just about anything requiring a 24volt input voltage. This UL Listed system allows retailers the ability to re-set and re-merchandise the wall with ease and with no wires, a true plug-and-play solution.

Flexis is not just designed for the perimeter wall of a retail store;  Options are available for a gondola fixture.  Flexis is available in Stylmark’s wide range of anodized finishes allowing designers to capitalize on color as part of their store design.


The Stylmark NIGEL 11/16” diameter showcase reflector with modular light engine is designed for commercial showcase displays that require a slim profile.  Available in a variety of colors and finishes, the reflector can be mounted in wood end showcases using mounting hardware or in glass end showcases using down tube assemblies.

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