Anodizing aluminum


Anodizing is an electrolytic process used to place a protective oxide coating on aluminum. This coating can be dyed a variety of colors before sealing, and after sealing provides a physically tough, wear-resistant surface with impregnated color. Stylmark is a Type II anodizing facility located in Minnesota. Type II anodizing is defined as conventional coatings produced from sulfuric acid baths.

Anodized aluminum finishes uniquely satisfy each of the factors that must be considered when selecting a high performance aluminum finish:
▪ Durability
▪ Indoor Color Stability
▪ Ease of Maintenance
▪ Aesthetics
▪ Cost
▪ Health and Safety

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mirror solutions


Mirror Solutions by Stylmark are designed to offer elegant and stylish alternatives to interior designers and store merchandisers.  Multiple finish, lighting, and style options are all available with Mirror Solutions by Stylmark. LED fitting room mirrors feature multiple LED color temperature allowing designers to specify the mirror’s lighting and enhance the surrounding space.

A full range of sizes are available from full length to mid sized to vanity / cosmetic mirrors. 

LED Light Boxes


Offering uniform illumination from edge to edge, Stylmark’s Optima LED StretchLite Light Box is the ideal solution for accommodating the broadest range of graphic displays, including large-format graphics. Eliminating the conventional “framed in” look, the Optima LED StretchLite graphics are retained by a simple, invisible, and easy-to-use perimeter tensioning feature. 

Working with Stylmark


Create a distinctive customer experience with products that enhance commercial and retail environments. Retailers, manufacturers, and the A&D community throughout North America have consistently relied upon Stylmark to solve their fixture, signage and decor problems. 

Discover how Stylmark's expertise in beautiful anodized finishes, tailored product design, and unsurpassed quality provides a solution which is functional, attractive, and affordable. 




MonitorMaker is a cost-effective way to dress up your monitor and video wall installation with a stylish frame that can be anodized to match any interior surroundings.  

Easy-to-install, Stylmark’s MonitorMaker attaches to the wall, not the monitor, and is flexible to support video walls or monitors with dimensions up to 136”H x 136”W. MonitorMaker is available in Stylmark’s wide variety of anodized finishes, allowing designers to match their interior retail space.