LED Tension Fabric Light Box
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Optima LED StretchLite

Meeting retail demands for high-impact environments, Stylmark's Tension Fabric LED Light Boxes create arresting and compelling merchandise displays.  These light boxes combine the brilliance and uniformity of  LED technology with the dramatic dimensions of tension fabric displays to help retailers, designers and visual merchandisers achieve unrivaled visual impact 

Optima LED® StretchLite Backlit Light Box features include: 
    ▪ Uniform illumination throughout the display
    ▪ Three LED lighting options: 
        • Optima LED 1000 Backlit
        • Optima LED 650 Backlit
        • Optima LED Perimeter-Lit
    ▪ ADA Compliant: < 4.00” depth from wall (single-sided unit)
    ▪ Frameless appearance: frames measure less than 0.075” 
    ▪ Single section signs available in conventional & custom
         sizes up to 48” x 120”  
     ▪ Integrate with other Stylmark fixtures to create
         custom display systems
    ▪ Change graphics quickly and easily using silicone edge
         gasket (SEG) channel

Optima LED® StretchLite
Double-Sided , 5” Deep (DS5) & 
Double-Sided 8” Deep (DS8) Perimeter LED-Lit

Taking advantage of Stylmark’s engineering expertise, the DS5 and DS8 open new avenues of creativity for fabric graphics. The large display area afforded by these units makes them impossible to miss at any angle. Both the DS5 and DS8 are pre-assembled to minimize field installation times and are available in Stylmark’s wide variety of anodized finishes.   Both products feature a
frameless appearance to keep the consumer’s attention focused on the imagery and message of the fabric graphic. The DS5 has a depth of 5 inches and is lit by perimeter LED modules for light box displays up to 6 feet by 30 feet. For light-box displays up to 10 feet by 30 feet, the DS8 is lit by dual rows of perimeter LED modules and has a depth of 8 inches.     

Optima LED StretchLite DS5 & DS8 features include: 

    ▪ Double-sided perimeter LED-lit
    ▪ Uniform backlit illumination throughout the display
    ▪ Frameless appearance: frames measure less
      than 0.075” 
    ▪ Integrated with other Stylmark fixtures to
        create custom display systems
    ▪ Accommodates graphics up to 30ft
    ▪ Change graphics quickly and easily
    ▪ Electrical components are pre-assembled
      prior to shipping to minimize field installation times