6463 – What does it mean?

Could it be the Office Max location number in Apple Valley, MN – YES

Is it a pattern number for a Butterick loose-fitting lined jacket – YES

Maybe it is the part number for the Lunar Rover LEGO set – YES

Is it the model number for the AeroCone Rain Collector – YES

For those in retail store and commercial design, 6463 is the ideal chose for interior architecture aluminum because it is ideal for anodizing.  6463 is alloyed with magnesium and silicon to allow for unlimited anodized color possibilities.

Aluminum Alloy 6463 is the preferred choice of aluminum for achieving outstanding in brightness retention.  The 6463-aluminum alloy produces a bright, mirror-like, high quality finish, good machinability and formability. Ideal for fitting rooms, trim applications, showcases, shelving, mirror trims, light boxes and hotel closet doors.

Stylmark is proud to say that all our aluminum extrusions are from the 6463 alloys and come directly from extruders located in the United States.  Stylmark offers over 1000 anodized color and finish combinations in their color library. 

If we don’t already have a formula to match your desired color, we can create one. Simply provide us with a swatch of the color you’re looking for, and our Research and Development team go to work to match your desired color!

To request Stylmark’s color card of anodized finishes, please contact info-2@stylmark.com.

Stylmark's Impact on Airport Travelers

As you head out to GlobalShop 2018, did you know that the average traveler spends about two hours in airports prior to departure?  And that “dwell time” can increase at any moment for delays due to weathers, system glitches, etc.   So, as you are walking around the airport on a delay, have you ever read the ads that are omni-present throughout the airport?  If you have, you would not be alone.  Those ads are seen by an average of 1.1 billion travelers a year.

That is why in 2010 Clear Channel Airports (CCA) contacted after seeing an ad about Stylmark about partnering to create a series of custom-designed light boxes that are designed specifically to hold up to the wear and tear of daily airport traffic. 

The Spectacular offers a graphic size of 135” x 83”, while the Diorama graphic size is 62” x 43”.  Stylmark also created for CCA a Double Diorama that offers the option for a single graphic space (124” x 43”) or by adding a black partition it becomes graphic space for two advertisers (62” x 43”). 

Stylmark light boxes provide 1000 lumen back lighting resulting in brilliant graphics with no fade from ambient light. They are easy to install with a standard cleat system, and accepts either tension fabric (using an SEG gasket) or transparency film. 

Stylmark also provides CCA with customer product installations:

  • Mounting systems for tension fabric frames and light boxes (Fargo, Austin, Minneapolis, Kansas City)
  • Custom shroud systems for video walls (San Francisco, Minneapolis, Nashville)
  • Mounting systems for LED monitors (Kansas City)
  • Curved light boxes & tension fabric frames (Fargo, Nashville)
  • Custom trim systems (Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis)
  • Decorative metal work (Austin)
  • Custom polycarbonate lids - (Nashville)

Click to view a map of Stylmark’ s CCA Installations

Showing Up and Throwing Up

As I begin my preparations for GlobalShop 2018, I remember what my boss at Stylmark told me when I started in 2006 – “Stylmark just doesn’t show up and throw up”.  As someone who came to Stylmark from a major medical device company, I had to think about what she said.   In my former life, that is kind of what I did.  Our products were small and there were not a lot of creative ways to display them.  We did run a golf event in our booth yearly, handed out the best swag at the show and hosted a very popular evening event that on some days was better attended than the show floor.   I spent more time on those events and what swag we were handing out then on showcasing our products.

In 2005 after hearing those words, my approach changed to preparing, planning and engaging my audience.   I started to plan six months prior to GlobalShop.  I didn’t want to be one of those companies struggling on show site with issues.  I wanted to do all of my struggling here in Minnesota long before my booth hits the show floor. 

So now every year in August, I have my kick-off meeting.  As a team, we discuss the focus of our booth & what new products to highlight.  By October, I have my booth design finalized and by January my displays are being built.  Then in February, I bring my team together to review and fine tune any displays before shipping to show-site.   Every good event planner knows it is easier to fix an issue at home vs. the show floor, where over time labor rates eat away at your budget and ROI.

So please stop by the Stylmark booth #5020 in Chicago!  Mention you read this blog and receive a Starbucks gift card!

See you in 45 days!

Mirror, Mirror

Since we were little girls, we watched Snow White and know the story behind the words Mirror, Mirror.

As we got older, the mirror began to say words similar to a song by M2M:

Mirror Mirror lie to me
Show me what I want to see

Well the reason we want to mirror to lie to us is probably due to its lighting and how it makes us look when trying on clothes in a fitting room.  And nothing is more frustrating than trying on an outfit in a fitting room only for it to appear completely different when you wear it again at home.

Waterjet - The Science Behind the Magic

As a figure skater’s skate cuts into the ice during the perfect sit-spin, the waterjet has a similar motion as it cuts using a small stream of water to erode material along a predefined path to create eye-catching shapes.  Both earning the perfect “6” from the judges. 
At the last Glass Build America show, I thought it was very interesting that not many attendees knew Stylmark had a Flow Mach 3 4020B with Dynamic XD (4m x 2m) waterjet and is one of the few manufactures who can waterjet aluminum and anodize that same material all under one roof.   And not only does the waterjet cut aluminum but a host of other materials including:
•    Steel
•    Brass
•    Glass / Mirrors
•    Plastic
•    Titanium
•    Fiberglass
•    Granite

Stylmark’s waterjet cut accuracy and work envelope encompasses:
•    Materials up to 1” thick cut with 0.001” to 0.003” tolerance
•    Over 1” cut with 0.005” to 0.010” tolerance
•    Cut up to 7” thick
•    Work envelope of 80” x 158”
•    Can cut intricate parts with tight radius
•    Bevel cutting using Dynamic XD, head can tilt 60 degrees each direction from vertical axis

Stylmark can cut logos and anodize them out of aluminum to match the rest of the store décor including showcases, light boxes and fitting room systems creating a unified brand message.   Or for example, if you are having your log cut out of granite, Stylmark can work with you to find an anodized aluminum match for your other store elements. 

Color Anodizing and Branding Store Design

Color Anodizing and Branding Store Design


Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.  Anodizing is a “Conversion Coating”, and is very different than paints, plating and other common coatings on metal. While paints and plating sit on top of the surface of the aluminum, anodizing converts the outer layer of aluminum to aluminum oxide, so the coating is fully integrated with the aluminum substrate. Therefore, anodizing doesn’t chip or flake like paint, it is a completely integral with the underlying metal.  The anodized aluminum process typically includes the following steps: cleaning, pre-treating, anodizing, coloring, and sealing.