6463 – What does it mean?

Could it be the Office Max location number in Apple Valley, MN – YES

Is it a pattern number for a Butterick loose-fitting lined jacket – YES

Maybe it is the part number for the Lunar Rover LEGO set – YES

Is it the model number for the AeroCone Rain Collector – YES

For those in retail store and commercial design, 6463 is the ideal chose for interior architecture aluminum because it is ideal for anodizing.  6463 is alloyed with magnesium and silicon to allow for unlimited anodized color possibilities.

Aluminum Alloy 6463 is the preferred choice of aluminum for achieving outstanding in brightness retention.  The 6463-aluminum alloy produces a bright, mirror-like, high quality finish, good machinability and formability. Ideal for fitting rooms, trim applications, showcases, shelving, mirror trims, light boxes and hotel closet doors.

Stylmark is proud to say that all our aluminum extrusions are from the 6463 alloys and come directly from extruders located in the United States.  Stylmark offers over 1000 anodized color and finish combinations in their color library. 

If we don’t already have a formula to match your desired color, we can create one. Simply provide us with a swatch of the color you’re looking for, and our Research and Development team go to work to match your desired color!

To request Stylmark’s color card of anodized finishes, please contact