Stylmark's Impact on Airport Travelers

As you head out to GlobalShop 2018, did you know that the average traveler spends about two hours in airports prior to departure?  And that “dwell time” can increase at any moment for delays due to weathers, system glitches, etc.   So, as you are walking around the airport on a delay, have you ever read the ads that are omni-present throughout the airport?  If you have, you would not be alone.  Those ads are seen by an average of 1.1 billion travelers a year.

That is why in 2010 Clear Channel Airports (CCA) contacted after seeing an ad about Stylmark about partnering to create a series of custom-designed light boxes that are designed specifically to hold up to the wear and tear of daily airport traffic. 

The Spectacular offers a graphic size of 135” x 83”, while the Diorama graphic size is 62” x 43”.  Stylmark also created for CCA a Double Diorama that offers the option for a single graphic space (124” x 43”) or by adding a black partition it becomes graphic space for two advertisers (62” x 43”). 

Stylmark light boxes provide 1000 lumen back lighting resulting in brilliant graphics with no fade from ambient light. They are easy to install with a standard cleat system, and accepts either tension fabric (using an SEG gasket) or transparency film. 

Stylmark also provides CCA with customer product installations:

  • Mounting systems for tension fabric frames and light boxes (Fargo, Austin, Minneapolis, Kansas City)
  • Custom shroud systems for video walls (San Francisco, Minneapolis, Nashville)
  • Mounting systems for LED monitors (Kansas City)
  • Curved light boxes & tension fabric frames (Fargo, Nashville)
  • Custom trim systems (Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis)
  • Decorative metal work (Austin)
  • Custom polycarbonate lids - (Nashville)

Click to view a map of Stylmark’ s CCA Installations