Stylmark Supports PAVE Student Design Competition

Stylmark was proud to support PAVE Student Design Competition.  The students from the U of MN worked with Nordstrom to create a mobile, high tech, smart fitting room makes trying on clothing easy, fun and convenient. This innovative design personalizes the shopping experience by providing interactive and customizable elements that put the customer in control. With a push of a button, the curtain automatically opens and closes to create privacy. Equally important, the exterior and interior are lined with shelves to maximize the possibilities for display and merchandising. This feature allows the shoppers to discover new offerings and also to have a place to store personal items while discovering new products and services. Another interesting feature is the customizable lighting options that imitate different social events, so the consumer knows exactly how they will look and feel for all occasions.

Lastly, and possibly the most convenient feature, is that you never have to leave. The fitting room of the future has a built-in closet that allows the associates to place a new size in the closet by opening the door on the exterior. Once their door is closed, the interior door unlocks so the customers can access the new item. No more getting dressed and gathering all your things to go hunt down a different size.  Everything you need is at your fingertips. This smart fitting room creates a pleasant and convenient shopping experience, personalized for every customer.

Stylmark would also like to recognize Bishop Fixtures and Tarkett for their support in this project.