What to do When the Weather Outside is Frightful

As you all know Stylmark is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year we have missed four days of school due to the “polar vortex” & two days and counting because of snow. So, I bet you ask, “What do they do in Minnesota when the weather sucks?”

When we were kids, we did several the following:

  • Build an indoor fort

  • Pajama day! – which is a typical Sunday in my house

  • Video game marathon

  • Bake something

  • Movie and popcorn

The list can go on and on.

But I discovered something new this year during one of the polar vortex days – Shop My Closet!

I took out all my items from the closet and tried on some new combos and put together outfits for upcoming travel. I discovered totally new outfits I didn’t know I even had. I also discovered that keeping my college jeans was just a waste of closet space. They do fit but OMG they do not look the same as they did when I was 19 years old. I found two new pairs of boots that were pushed to the back of my closet!

This was also a great opportunity to get rid of clothes I was not wearing and bring them to Goodwill. That clothing receipt is always good when doing your taxes!

So as the weather begins to re-bound here in Minnesota, I am ready to go with a ton of new outfits and some much-needed closet space so I can hit the malls to take advantage of all the spring sales.

Happy Shopping!