Working Out = Productive Employees

According to numerous studies, people who work out are better workers & more productive. Studies show that workers who engage in regular physical activities perform better at their jobs—both in terms of the quality and quantity of work.

The American College of Sports Medicine states that workers’ quality of work, mental performance and time management were better on days an employee exercised.

On the flip side, a study by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that workers with poor health habits display subpar work performance more often than other workers. It was also found that unhealthy workers had more difficulty getting along with co-workers and had more absentee days.

There are numerous reasons to assume a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating properly and getting in a good amount of exercise each week. According to the American Heart Association, the benefits of physical activity include:

 Improved heart function

 Lowered blood pressure and resting heart rate

 Reduced risk and severity of diabetes

 Improved strength, balance and endurance

 Enhanced self-confidence and independence

Stylmark recognizes the benefits of supporting their employees work out efforts by offering quarterly incentives to help elevate the cost associated with gym memberships, home gym equipment and personal training. A healthy employee is a happy employee!