Holiday sales strongest in years

For the last few weeks we have been hearing “Holiday sales strongest in years”.  By all accounts, it was the strongest holiday shopping season in six years.   Fueled by low unemployment, high consumer confidence and the magical 32 shopping days between Thanksgiving & Christmas, total retail US sales increased 5.1% according to many industry sources.

For many fixture manufacturers like Stylmark, this is great news for our customers and their brick-and-mortar efforts.  Those holiday sales increased to $878.38 billion – that is more $15 billion more than the $863 billion initially projected.  Brick-and-mortar still represents the majority (87.7%) of holiday sales.

According to Andrew Lipsman, principal analyst at eMarketer, retailers are luring in shoppers to newly remodeled stores and streamlining the checkout process. 

In 2019, we find ourselves in the midst of a retail renaissance, not a retail apocalypse.  Forward looking retailers that rethink the consumer experience and how to successfully implement it, will uncover new channels to thrive in the ever-changing brick-and-mortar landscape. 

Store design and development has quite a task to keep pace with the rapid transformation ahead.  Re-defining in-store experiences will keep that foot traffic strong and lead to another great year for retailers in 2019.   It is going to be a fast-paced, exciting 2019 and Stylmark can’t wait to support our customers!