Everything Is Going Pop-Up

According to Wikipedia, Pop-up Retail, also known as pop-up store, is a trend of opening short-term sales spaces that started in Los Angeles with a company called Vacant after they saw similar concepts in Tokyo.  This temporary use of a physical space creates a long-term, lasting impression with customers.

When I was a high school DECA student, I was involved in my first pop-up store experience.   We opened a store using items donated from several local retailers.  A percentage of any items we sold was donated to our DECA club.   We got fixtures and hangers from neighboring stores and mall management allowed us to use a vacant spot for our store.   Hence, in my eyes, the first pop-up store was created by 15 DECA students from Eau Claire, WI., many, many years ago.

The retail landscape is seeing more and more pop-up shops as they are a great way to connect with a global audience, giving retailers the opportunity to showcase their products all around the world.

Today I have seen this “pop-up” concept evolve past retail environments and into many different areas.

Lifetime Fitness now offers pop-up classes to launch new formats – “We are having a pop-up Gluteus Maxout class on Friday night.  Register today!”

Minneapolis based creative agency SOLVE used an innovative pop-up concept to hire its next round of summer interns by creating a small-scale replica of its office and lobby then transporting it to college campuses.

Pop-up shops are here to stay as the movement is fueling a retail revolution, but the concept of “pop-up” will also continue to grow. From those fun pop-up classes when you don’t have anything better to do on a Friday after work than hit the gym or a creative way to showcase your company to attract the best and brightest new college grads.  Keep your eyes open as things are popping!