Showing Up and Throwing Up

As I begin my preparations for GlobalShop 2018, I remember what my boss at Stylmark told me when I started in 2006 – “Stylmark just doesn’t show up and throw up”.  As someone who came to Stylmark from a major medical device company, I had to think about what she said.   In my former life, that is kind of what I did.  Our products were small and there were not a lot of creative ways to display them.  We did run a golf event in our booth yearly, handed out the best swag at the show and hosted a very popular evening event that on some days was better attended than the show floor.   I spent more time on those events and what swag we were handing out then on showcasing our products.

In 2005 after hearing those words, my approach changed to preparing, planning and engaging my audience.   I started to plan six months prior to GlobalShop.  I didn’t want to be one of those companies struggling on show site with issues.  I wanted to do all of my struggling here in Minnesota long before my booth hits the show floor. 

So now every year in August, I have my kick-off meeting.  As a team, we discuss the focus of our booth & what new products to highlight.  By October, I have my booth design finalized and by January my displays are being built.  Then in February, I bring my team together to review and fine tune any displays before shipping to show-site.   Every good event planner knows it is easier to fix an issue at home vs. the show floor, where over time labor rates eat away at your budget and ROI.

So please stop by the Stylmark booth #5020 in Chicago!  Mention you read this blog and receive a Starbucks gift card!

See you in 45 days!