Stylmark = FUN!

I can’t tell you how often my friends say they never have fun at work.  Stylmark’s Chairman of the Board David Brink says, “If you are not having fun, you are not making money”. 

The key is to have FUN!   Since I started in 2005, I discovered there is a rich tradition of having fun at Stylmark.  The employee-owners of Stylmark start the year off with a pancake breakfast that is prepared and served by the executive team.  Then after GlobalShop, the sales and marketing teams host a cookie thank-you for all the hard work the entire company does to make our presence at GlobalShop a huge success. 

June is the kick off for Stylmark’s summer event.  Ladder ball (not to brag but I am the ladder ball champ of 2015), horseshoes, badminton, etc. are just some of the events we have had in the past.  The event finals are played during our annual ice cream social in July.  Stylmark supports local company Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream for this event.  I am still waiting for Sebastian Joe to ask me to create a flavor for them – it would be white amaretto ice cream with strawberries and white chocolate chips!

Then once all the kids are back in school, Stylmark will host its annual tailgate party.  This event allows the employee-owners to show their “Packer Pride” or “Show Your Horns”.  In 2018, Stylmark is proud to support another local company Fat Chance Sandwich Shop of Brooklyn Park for this event.  Employees will be treated to Chef Bubba’s life-changing caramel cake as well as some standard tailgate favorites.

In October is our annual costume contest and potluck. And in December we have our famous “Grazing Days” and it is exactly what you think.  Grazing for days!

Then we cap the year off with our holiday luncheon a few days before Christmas.  Another Minnesota company – D’Amico Catering, who has catered all Stylmark’s holiday events for as long as I can remember providing the employees a fabulous meal before we are off to spend time with our families.

Then we start the fun all over again in January!