Mirror, Mirror

Since we were little girls, we watched Snow White and know the story behind the words Mirror, Mirror.

As we got older, the mirror began to say words similar to a song by M2M:

Mirror Mirror lie to me
Show me what I want to see

Well the reason we want the mirror to lie to us is probably due to its lighting and how it makes us look when trying on clothes in a fitting room.  And nothing is more frustrating than trying on an outfit in a fitting room only for it to appear completely different when you wear it again at home.

According to an article in SHOP! magazine, Fred Margulies of Herschman Architects stated, “Lighting is key.  The idea is for people trying on an item to see it the same way when they get home and truly understand the color.”

Blogger Inna photographed herself in eleven different big-brand fitting rooms and the differences are incredible. Ultimately, these photographs go to show just how crucial it is that shops get the right lighting and mirrors that will be most flattering to the customers.

Stylmark knows that a properly lit mirror can enhance the overall shopper’s experience.   Mirror Solutions from Stylmark are designed to soften the light directed on the body.  A full range of sizes are available from full length to mid-sized to vanity / cosmetic mirrors.  These mirrors offer adjustable white color temperature changing settings that recreate night, day, office and home environments.  Retailers can choose from stylish options for every design budget.

Mirror Solutions by Stylmark provide the right reflection, leaving the best impression.