Color Anodizing and Branding Store Design

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.  Anodizing is a “Conversion Coating”, and is very different than paints, plating and other common coatings on metal. While paints and plating sit on top of the surface of the aluminum, anodizing converts the outer layer of aluminum to aluminum oxide, so the coating is fully integrated with the aluminum substrate. Therefore, anodizing doesn’t chip or flake like paint, it is a completely integral with the underlying metal.  The anodized aluminum process typically includes the following steps: cleaning, pre-treating, anodizing, coloring, and sealing. 

The coloring step can be compared to dying Easter eggs.  Using a dye bath, you can leave the egg in the bath for a certain period of time to achieve the perfect color of pink or blue or green you are trying to achieve.  Depending on the dye concentration, temperature of dye bath and time in the color tank, you can create the perfect recipe for the color you are trying to deliver. 

A red can of soda, the golden arches, a black apple.  In each example, color is the predominate element and we associate it with a specific brand. Color is the first perception customers will have of your store.

Since 1954 Stylmark has been the industry leader for anodized extrusions and store fixtures. Stylmark has over 1,000 color and finish combinations in their library.  With an on-site chemist, Stylmark can match any color to help maintain your brand stands in your store design.