Working Out = Productive Employees

According to numerous studies, people who work out are better workers & more productive. Studies show that workers who engage in regular physical activities perform better at their jobs—both in terms of the quality and quantity of work.

The American College of Sports Medicine states that workers’ quality of work, mental performance and time management were better on days an employee exercised.

On the flip side, a study by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that workers with poor health habits display subpar work performance more often than other workers. It was also found that unhealthy workers had more difficulty getting along with co-workers and had more absentee days.

There are numerous reasons to assume a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating properly and getting in a good amount of exercise each week. According to the American Heart Association, the benefits of physical activity include:

 Improved heart function

 Lowered blood pressure and resting heart rate

 Reduced risk and severity of diabetes

 Improved strength, balance and endurance

 Enhanced self-confidence and independence

Stylmark recognizes the benefits of supporting their employees work out efforts by offering quarterly incentives to help elevate the cost associated with gym memberships, home gym equipment and personal training. A healthy employee is a happy employee!

Stylmark Supports PAVE Student Design Competition

Stylmark was proud to support PAVE Student Design Competition.  The students from the U of MN worked with Nordstrom to create a mobile, high tech, smart fitting room makes trying on clothing easy, fun and convenient. This innovative design personalizes the shopping experience by providing interactive and customizable elements that put the customer in control. With a push of a button, the curtain automatically opens and closes to create privacy. Equally important, the exterior and interior are lined with shelves to maximize the possibilities for display and merchandising. This feature allows the shoppers to discover new offerings and also to have a place to store personal items while discovering new products and services. Another interesting feature is the customizable lighting options that imitate different social events, so the consumer knows exactly how they will look and feel for all occasions.

Lastly, and possibly the most convenient feature, is that you never have to leave. The fitting room of the future has a built-in closet that allows the associates to place a new size in the closet by opening the door on the exterior. Once their door is closed, the interior door unlocks so the customers can access the new item. No more getting dressed and gathering all your things to go hunt down a different size.  Everything you need is at your fingertips. This smart fitting room creates a pleasant and convenient shopping experience, personalized for every customer.

Stylmark would also like to recognize Bishop Fixtures and Tarkett for their support in this project. 

Stylmark Celebrates 65th Anniversary

As Stylmark celebrates 65 years of enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of interiors for the world’s largest brands, we remember when it all started as a garage-ran business.    

Stylmark’s founders Ray and Marge Brink started their business building a custom version of wheel-based rolling door medicine cabinets out of a variety of fabricated aluminum extrusions in 1954.  Sixty-five years later, Stylmark remains a leading designer and manufacturer of finished fixtures for retail, hospitality, and commercial environments.

“My parents would be so proud of how well Stylmark has thrived over these past 65 years during some troubling economic times,” said David Brink, Chairman of the Board.  “They would have respected how Stylmark continues to set the industry standard in developing new products such as our LED mirrors solutions and Flexis® Wall Merchandising System while still maintaining a family-like environment,” added Brink.  

What to do When the Weather Outside is Frightful

As you all know Stylmark is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year we have missed four days of school due to the “polar vortex” & two days and counting because of snow. So, I bet you ask, “What do they do in Minnesota when the weather sucks?”

When we were kids, we did several the following:

  • Build an indoor fort

  • Pajama day! – which is a typical Sunday in my house

  • Video game marathon

  • Bake something

  • Movie and popcorn

The list can go on and on.

But I discovered something new this year during one of the polar vortex days – Shop My Closet!

I took out all my items from the closet and tried on some new combos and put together outfits for upcoming travel. I discovered totally new outfits I didn’t know I even had. I also discovered that keeping my college jeans was just a waste of closet space. They do fit but OMG they do not look the same as they did when I was 19 years old. I found two new pairs of boots that were pushed to the back of my closet!

This was also a great opportunity to get rid of clothes I was not wearing and bring them to Goodwill. That clothing receipt is always good when doing your taxes!

So as the weather begins to re-bound here in Minnesota, I am ready to go with a ton of new outfits and some much-needed closet space so I can hit the malls to take advantage of all the spring sales.

Happy Shopping!

Holiday sales strongest in years

For the last few weeks we have been hearing “Holiday sales strongest in years”.  By all accounts, it was the strongest holiday shopping season in six years.   Fueled by low unemployment, high consumer confidence and the magical 32 shopping days between Thanksgiving & Christmas, total retail US sales increased 5.1% according to many industry sources.

For many fixture manufacturers like Stylmark, this is great news for our customers and their brick-and-mortar efforts.  Those holiday sales increased to $878.38 billion – that is more $15 billion more than the $863 billion initially projected.  Brick-and-mortar still represents the majority (87.7%) of holiday sales.

According to Andrew Lipsman, principal analyst at eMarketer, retailers are luring in shoppers to newly remodeled stores and streamlining the checkout process. 

In 2019, we find ourselves in the midst of a retail renaissance, not a retail apocalypse.  Forward looking retailers that rethink the consumer experience and how to successfully implement it, will uncover new channels to thrive in the ever-changing brick-and-mortar landscape. 

Store design and development has quite a task to keep pace with the rapid transformation ahead.  Re-defining in-store experiences will keep that foot traffic strong and lead to another great year for retailers in 2019.   It is going to be a fast-paced, exciting 2019 and Stylmark can’t wait to support our customers!

Stylmark = FUN!

I can’t tell you how often my friends say they never have fun at work.  Stylmark’s Chairman of the Board David Brink says, “If you are not having fun, you are not making money”. 

The key is to have FUN!   Since I started in 2005, I discovered there is a rich tradition of having fun at Stylmark.  The employee-owners of Stylmark start the year off with a pancake breakfast that is prepared and served by the executive team.  Then after GlobalShop, the sales and marketing teams host a cookie thank-you for all the hard work the entire company does to make our presence at GlobalShop a huge success. 

June is the kick off for Stylmark’s summer event.  Ladder ball (not to brag but I am the ladder ball champ of 2015), horseshoes, badminton, etc. are just some of the events we have had in the past.  The event finals are played during our annual ice cream social in July.  Stylmark supports local company Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream for this event.  I am still waiting for Sebastian Joe to ask me to create a flavor for them – it would be white amaretto ice cream with strawberries and white chocolate chips!

Then once all the kids are back in school, Stylmark will host its annual tailgate party.  This event allows the employee-owners to show their “Packer Pride” or “Show Your Horns”.  In 2018, Stylmark is proud to support another local company Fat Chance Sandwich Shop of Brooklyn Park for this event.  Employees will be treated to Chef Bubba’s life-changing caramel cake as well as some standard tailgate favorites.

In October is our annual costume contest and potluck. And in December we have our famous “Grazing Days” and it is exactly what you think.  Grazing for days!

Then we cap the year off with our holiday luncheon a few days before Christmas.  Another Minnesota company – D’Amico Catering, who has catered all Stylmark’s holiday events for as long as I can remember providing the employees a fabulous meal before we are off to spend time with our families.

Then we start the fun all over again in January!

It Is that Time of the Year Again – Back-to-School Shopping!

Back-to School shopping has become its own season, second only to Christmas shopping in terms of family expenditures.  As I walked to the back to school section at my neighborhood Target store as I do every year, I had to pause to think, why would anyone miss out on this experience and shop for back to school on-line?  Like clockwork, I hit Target the second week of July to purchase my back-to-school supplies.   

While shopping this last weekend, I was able to offer insight to a first-time school mom struggling to make sense of the list the school provided for the supplies needed for her child starting middle school.  You don’t get that kind of personal help online.  Two years ago, I was that parent struggling to figure out what my son needed, and someone was there to help me make sense of what was really needed vs. what was printed on the list the school provided.

But even the seasoned back-to-school shopper like myself needs help.  I have been making several rookie mistakes back-to-school shopping for years.

Just today, I learned from that back to school shoppers who shop before August spend an average of $532 on their K-12 kids, while those parents who choose to shop in August spend just $458.   I have been making this mistake for nine years by shopping in July for school supplies.

Take an inventory of what you currently have and keep that list with you or snap a pic of the items, so you have a reference while you shop.

Another mistake parents including myself make is avoiding the office supply stores.  Fewer than one in three parents shop these stores but according to the National Retail Federation, that could be a mistake.  Shoppers assume stores like Staples and Office Depot can’t compete with prices offered by Target and Walmart.  However, back-to-school is the season for office supply stores and they don’t disappoint.  Their “doorbuster” pricing on basic supplies like pens, pencils, folders and loose-leaf paper can be cheaper than big-box stores.

Last, buy only what you need.  Avoid the items that look fun.  Shop alone – leave the kids at home.  I know this might sound harsh but once they see those fun items, it is just a matter of seconds before they are in your cart and heading home with you.

Have a great 2018-2019 school year!!!

In-Store Retail Evolution: From Distribution Channel to Customer Experience

Wikipedia says that evolution is the change in heritable characteristics of biological populations over successive generations.  As we hear never ending noise about store closings in the retail world, many are quick to panic.  But researchers at are saying it’s all about evolution and the outlook is very positive.   That in face of continued growth in digital commerce, the physical store will continue to be the largest revenue-producing channel until at least 2026.

And did you know that stores are more profitable than e-commerce? According to Forbes, most of the top 10 retailers have an e-commerce presence, but the physical store is the backbone of their business.  Physical stores have higher conversion rates (the percent of store/site visitors who make a purchase – than clicks).  Also, according to Forbes, a store purchase is more profitable than an e-commerce order due to shipping / handling charges and the cost associated with returns. 

The most eye-opening fact to support retail is alive and well is the statistic that Millennials and Generation Z both prefer in-store to digital shopping according to CBRE.  70% of Millennials and 77% of Generation Z consumers prefer brick-and-mortar retail stores.  Millennials and Generation Z are the future of retail!  And that is why online players such as Warby Parker and Amazon have been scrambling to open physical stores.

So, the next time you hear gossip at the water cooler about how retail is dying, I hope you share your thoughts that the physical store is here to stay!  And we are part of the evolution of retail shopping.

And for those responsible for creating the customer in-store experience, Stylmark is here to help!  From fitting rooms & fitting room mirrors to showcases and LED light boxes, Stylmark offers a wide range of products.  If you need something custom, work with Stylmark’s design engineering team to create a one-of-a-kind fixture to enhance an instore experience for your shopper