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LED Power Track Shelving System

Make certain your customers have convenient access to your merchandise by choosing from a wide variety of Stylmark's LED shelving systems and gondolas.  Each is designed to elegantly display your merchandise and place the focus squarely on your products. Stylmark’s shelving products have clean lines that provide an attractive accent to any area. Constructed of anodized aluminum or stainless steel, these elegant framed shelves are available with or without lights.  Stylmark was one of the first companies to integrate LED lighting into its established line of shelving products.

The Stylmark LED Power Track Light Shelf is designed for retail shelving using wall standards.  Utilizing a low-voltage powered standard, the LED Shelf provides an alternative to conventional shelf lighting.  The slim profile maximizes the merchandise’s viewable area.  Stylmark provides all hardware and electrical components for a finished assembly.  

If a custom curved shelving unit is what you need, Stylmark’s team of engineers can work with you to create a curved shelving design that will meet your display needs.  




Flexis™ DisplayMaker Wall Merchandising System

Flexis™ DisplayMaker is the new wall merchandising system from Stylmark.  At the core of Flexis is a low voltage powered standard system which enables users to flexibly create a variety of merchandising solutions. This can be achieved by adding Stylmark lit shelves, lit mirrors, light boxes, showcases, monitors, or just about anything requiring a 24volt input voltage. This system allows retailers the ability to re-set and re-merchandise the wall with ease and with no wires, a true plug-and-play solution.