Stylmark led mirror solutions

According to an article in SHOP! magazine, Fred Margulies of Herschman Architects stated, “Lighting is key.  The idea is for people trying on an item to see it the same way when they get home and truly understand the color.”

The Right Reflection Leaves the Best Impression

Stylmark knows how that a properly lit mirror can enhance the overall shopper’s experience.   Mirror Solutions from Stylmark are designed to soften the light directed on the body. Retailers can choose from stylish options for every design budget.

Fitting Room LED Mirrors Datasheets

Mirror Solutions by Stylmark Key Elements Include:

  • Available in Stylmark’s wide variety of anodized finishes (Admire is standard white powered coat paint)
  • Seamless frames prevent price tags from being concealed behind the frame
  • Quality-mirrored glass with Category 1 safety backing
  • Lighting available in multiple color temperature – 3000K, 3700K, 4200K, and 5300K (Admire is standard 3000K)
  • Adjustable white color temperature changing settings that recreate night, day, office and home environments