As an employee-owned company, it is Stylmark’s policy, and more importantly our responsibility, to utilize and protect environmental resources to the best of our abilities so that they are available for the use and enjoyment of all - especially future generations. 


Sustainable Products

o     Stylmark’s anodized aluminum material is fully recyclable.

o     Stylmark is proud to offer recycled aluminum as an option – containing up to 70%recycled content

o     LED has been a standard product offering for years. LED lighting systems offer significant benefits over comparable
       T5 fluorescent lighting:

               Energy consumption is approximately 30% less
               Product life is 2.5X longer
               Do not contain hazardous waste, specifically mercury


Active Recycling Program

o     All scrap metal from our manufacturing processes is recycled, as are spent lubricants, excess cardboard/office paper
       and all fluorescent lights used in the facility. In 2017 our recycling efforts yielded:

                 188,491 pounds of aluminum
                   34,780 pounds of steel
                   49,880 pounds of cardboard

o     Cardboard packaging we receive with vendor shipments is reused to help protect and package our outgoing product shipments.

o     Stylmark’s active recycling program includes fluorescent bulbs, waste oil from machines, and paper


Manufacturing Processes Reduce Waste

o   Stylmark is proud of our environmentally-sound manufacturing process. All chemicals in our anodizing process:

         are rendered pH neutral before they are disposed of, or
         are reclaimed and reused, or
         are reclaimed and made available as fertilizer for agriculture.

o     Our automatic chemical addition system has reduced chemicals used in monitoring our anodizing process by 75%.


 Stylmark is proud to be a member of the following organizations focused on environmental stewardship:

o     Stylmark partners with MnTAP (Minnesota Technical Assistance Program), a public/private partnership whose sole purpose is to help eliminate process waste.

o     Stylmark is a member of MnASF (Minnesota Association of Surface Finishers), an industry trade association that works with businesses to improve their environmental performance and to enhance relationships with governmental agencies.