Optima 1000 LED Backlit Light Box

Presenting images in their best possible light helps create unique & vivid brand experiences that today’s customers demand. The Optima 1000 LED Backlit Light Box costs less to operate than fluorescents and requires less maintenance, while providing maximum impact by making every inch of the graphic equally illuminated.

Optima 1000 LED Backlit Light Box features include:
▪ Brightness designed to exceed traditional fluorescent light boxes
▪ Uniform illumination throughout the display
▪ ADA Compliant - < 2.50" depth from wall (single-sided unit)
▪ Sleek corners with a corner insert
▪ Integrate with other Stylmark fixtures to create custom display systems - ask your
Stylmark representative for more details
▪ Snap frame features a tool-free open & closing system, allowing for easy graphic access
▪ Available in four standard sizes
▪ Custom sizes and double-sided units are available upon request
▪ Available in six standard anodized finishes
(custom anodized finishes available upon request)
▪ Units can be wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling (specify when ordering