Wardrobe Doors

Stylmark offers a variety of products that are custom tailored for framing and partition applications, including WallMaker® interior wall systems, Porsa™ framing system, post & panel and door frames. We utilize our color and design expertise to integrate these products into their surroundings, giving an attractive and inviting appearance. This ensures the products you order will fit perfectly into both new and existing environments.

Wardrobe Doors- Wardrobe Doors from Stylmark are designed to give years of trouble free service. Wheel assemblies are incorporated into the bottom rail, providing a smooth-rolling, long-lasting unit. Additional features include cantilevered rollers to easily accommodate out-of-plumb field conditions and optional security door styles to provide additional protection. These attractive, functional doors are easy to install & available in all of Stylmark’s color and finish combinations. 

Wallmaker - Create an unlimited variety of bright, beautiful and secure interior environments with the easy-to-install Stylmark WallMaker glass wall system. This versatile system consists of headers, sills, mullions, and corner assemblies that allow you to create a multitude of glass wall configurations.  In 2015,  Stylmark announced the expansion of the WallMaker interior store front system to include hardware for 5/8”and 3/4” thick glass panes.  The product line expansion also includes new glass clips for the thicker glass as well as taller, 8” sills. 

Porsa Framing System - Porsa is the only aluminum extrusion framing system that accepts 1/2" thick in-fill panels, making it ideal for office systems, wall units and other applications requiring strength, stability and dependability.

Café Series - The Café Series from Stylmark consists of a variety of components used to create Food Display Partition Systems.  The Glass Clamp system uses brackets to secure glass to the post and provides a clean, modern aesthetic.  A more traditional look is achieved with the Glass Channel system that uses recessed channels and plastic glazing to secure the glass.   


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