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Stylmark Beacon™ Lighting System

Stylmark Beacon Lighting System


Stylmark’s work in the open-sell and lit shelving space had grown to encompass many different categories like cosmetic, eyewear, auto parts, footwear, etc. One common thread was the request for the header atop the shelving to be lit.  By combining two extruded pieces - frame and track - the Beacon provides a hidden track for the LED strip and the wiring mechanism to reside. The end result is a clean, unencumbered lines free from cords and a "floating" feature box to provide highlight to any brand name or product category.  



In the 1960s Stylmark introduced a new product category that incorporated aluminum extrusions, anodized metal and rolling door track – hence the Stylmark showcase was born. Stylmark remains the industry leader in LED showcase lighting and showcase components for many of today’s top retailers.

In 2000, Stylmark expanded their LED product offering to include LED power track shelving and free-standing, open-sell displays, such as gondolas. In 2016, Stylmark unveiled a new product line of étagère vertical shelving systems that are tailor-made for retail and commercial environments. 

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Final sales occur in the fitting room. Savvy retailers understand this and accommodate the customer by creating comfortable, inviting rooms with the right materials and light. These retailers use Fitting Room Systems from Stylmark. Our post and panel system allows unique, cost-effective designs that can be anodized to match any retail environment.

Proper fitting room lighting is key and helps the shopper to see clothing the same way they would at home. Lighted Mirror Solutions from Stylmark are designed to soften the light directed on the body. Choose from stylish options for every design budget. 

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Meeting retail demands for high-impact environments, Stylmark developed the Optima LED Light Box series to present graphics in their best possible light to create unique and vivid brand experiences that today’s customers demand. Ranging from backlit, edge-lit and perimeter-lit, Stylmark can help create arresting and compelling merchandise display environments.

Stylmark also offers MonitorMaker, a cost-effective way to dress up monitor and video walls installation with a stylish frame that can be anodized to match any interior design.

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Architectural Trim and Store front


In the early 1970s Stylmark introduced two retail fixture mainstays that are still industry-leading products almost 50 years later. TrimMaker® allows designers to add accents to walls, ceilings, soffits and columns. WallMaker® Store Front system consists of headers, sills, mullions and corner assemblies to create a multitude of glass wall configurations. Both TrimMaker and WallMaker are can be anodized to match any brand environment and can be seen in almost every store you visit.

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Assure that your installations and designs are completed in professional fashion by utilizing Stylmark’s Hardware and Accessories. Stylmark offers a wide range of products that help complete any job – all with the quality you expect from Stylmark.