Feature Start Optima LED StretchLite
Backlit Light Box
Feature Start Optima LED StretchLite
Backlit Light Box
Feature Start Optima LED StretchLite
Backlit Light Box
Feature Start Optima LED StretchLite
Backlit Light Box
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What happens when
your customers see you
in a whole new light?

Stylmark’s Optima LED® StretchLite Backlit Light Box creates arrestingly bright – and exceptionally large – tension fabric displays for retail environments.

Offering uniform illumination from edge to edge, Stylmark’s Optima LED StretchLite Light Box products are the ideal solution for accommodating the broadest range of graphic sizes, including large-format graphics. Eliminating the conventional “framed in” look, the Optima LED StretchLite graphics are retained by a simple, invisible and easy-to-use perimeter tensioning feature.

The Optima LED StretchLite with Perimeter Lighting is the newest member of the Optima LED family. With the introduction of the StretchLite Perimeter, the Optima LED family now includes edge-lit, backlit and perimeter lit for three different lighting options based on brightness and pricing.



Frameless Appearance

Designed to accommodate readily available tension fabric graphics, the Optima LED StretchLite is particularly well suited for large-format graphics – from conventional sizes to custom applications that can cover an entire wall. The light box frame has a slender edge and an invisible perimeter tensioning feature, which gives graphics of all sizes a sleek, frameless appearance and enables users to quickly and easily change images.


The Optima LED StretchLite enables each graphic to make a flawless visual impact and deliver on its intended purpose.  

Multiple Installation Options

The Optima LED StretchLite is flexible enough to be a stand-alone graphic or when integrated with other Stylmark fixtures, such as shelving or free-standing displays, it becomes a luminous merchandising solution.

Stylmark Anodized Finishes 

The Optima LED StretchLite frame can be transformed with hundreds of finish options, including anodized finishes matched to specific colors, and can become more than a light box when paired with Stylmark’s range of offerings.

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